Lease Terms

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     Terms of Use Agreement

  • 1. Rental Payments: The lessee agrees to pay the foregoing rent in the manner above prescribed. The Lessee shall pay a late charge of $5.00 for each month the rent is not paid by the 10th day of that month. You may be locked out of your rental unit if you (lessee) fail to pay the rent within five (5) days of the due date or fail to comply with other terms of your lease.
  • 2. Security Deposit: The lessee has upon execution of this lease deposited the amount of the security deposit with the Lessor. The security deposit shall be returned to the Lessee within 10 days following termination of lease provided lock and key are returned to lessor and rental space has been undamaged, completely empty, sweep clean, and all rents paid.
  • 3a. Use of Premise: The leased premises shall be used for the storage of personal property and for no other purposes. Lessee shall not store perishable food or keep live animals on the premises. The lessee shall not store any flammable or combustible products on premises. Lessee shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements to the demised premise without Lessor’s prior written consent. No property or materials shall be stored or deposited outside of and no signs or marks of any kind shall be affixed or placed on leased premises. Lessor not responsible for contents being stored. If possible, it is recommended that contents be stored on pallets to keep dry.
  • 3b. Use of Premise: The leased premises shall not be used as a location to conduct business from nor as a location to facilitate the sale of goods or services.
  • 4. Termination: You may terminate your lease by providing us with written notice 28 days before rent is due. The lessor may terminate this lease on 5 days notice if lessee fails to comply with lease agreement.


In the event the lessee fails to pay and installation of rent when due, the Lessor may, upon 10 days written notice to the lessee as to time of sale (public or private) , sell all or part of the Lessee’s property stored on premises. The proceeds shall first be applied to the expense of sale, legal cost, and delinquent and accrued rent. Any balance remaining, together with any unsold property, if any, shall be delivered to lessee.

Unit Lease Form

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